Versico VersiGard EPDM

Why Choose VersiGard EPDM?

Versico is proud to provide its customers with advanced roofing solutions; a commitment to quality and innovation means
decades have been spent improving upon existing products and developing new product lines. However, one thing that has remained constant over the years is the watertight performance, dependability, and durability of VersiGard EPDM membranes. No other single-ply roof system has a track record or a history that matches that of EPDM, which is why it remains the low-slope roofing industry’s material of choice.

Built to Last
• EPDM provides unmatched weatherability
• EPDM expands and contracts, which makes it ideal for various climatic conditions; it is virtually immune to freeze/thaw cycles, ozone, and UV radiation
• Installation, maintenance, and overall lifecycle costs are low
• UV resistance of 41,580 kJ/m² leads the industry

Time, Labor & Cost Savings
• A wider variety of sheet thicknesses and widths compared to thermoplastic membranes allows for faster installations
• Dozens of VersiGard EPDM membranes are available with factory-applied Quick-Applied Tape (VersiGard QAT), which greatly reduces seaming time and improves seam quality and consistency
• Quick-applied, prefabricated accessories are available for virtually any penetration or detail
• Ballasted stormwater retention systems are a low-cost alternative to retention ponds or system upgrades