Versico VersiFlex PVC

Is a PVC roof durable?
VersiFlex PVC roofi ng membrane is known for its durability. It provides superior
resistance to punctures and tears. It is low-maintenance, has exceptional seam
strength, and can withstand extreme temperature fl uctuations. It also resists
damage that can be caused by rooftop foot traffi c and construction.

Are PVC roofs energy-efficient?
A VersiFlex PVC roof has the ability to save you money while being environmentally
friendly. The high reflectivity of the white membrane helps lower operating costs in
warm climates by reducing air conditioning usage. White VersiFlex PVC membranes
are ENERGY STAR® qualified, CRRC rated, compliant with California’s Title 24, and
can also contribute toward LEED® credit requirements. In addition, once the roof has
reached the end of its service life, the PVC can be recycled.

What kind of PVC membranes does Versico offer?
VersiFlex PVC is available in a variety of thicknesses, widths, colors, and
reinforcements; therefore, a Versico membrane exists which is ideally suited to
any roofing project. Standard and KEE sheets are available in 50-, 60-, and 80-mil
thicknesses, and in 5', 81" and 10' widths. Versico also offers a variety of different
reinforcements: polyester reinforced membrane, fiberglass reinforced membrane,
and VersiFleece® membrane.

Why choose Versico?

Versico is proud to offer cutting-edge, high-quality products, as
well as the fi nest in customer service and support throughout
your project. Versico’s design and review department will assist
you with selecting the ideal system and attachment method.
In addition, Versico works with authorized contractors trained
in the latest roofi ng techniques, and employs Field Service
Representatives for technical backup during the installation
process. The Field Service Reps will inspect the roof once it is
fi nished for compliance with Versico’s rigorous standards. Versico
gets to know our customers’ needs and we offer service and
support throughout your project, and after it is complete.

What kinds of warranties are available for my PVC roof?

Versico can help you protect your roofing investment with
warranties ranging from 5 to 30 years on your PVC system. As
part of the Carlisle Construction Materials division of Carlisle
Companies Inc. (NYSE: CSL), Versico maintains a large
warranty reserve that is audited annually for its sufficiency.
Versico’s Total System Warranties are No Dollar Limit (NDL)
warranties, which do not depreciate over time or require a
costly maintenance program.